RESP® Professional Designation


This Real Estate Sales Professional designation class is a 10-hour intensive instruction course that focuses on getting and keeping you on the path to thinking, speaking, and acting like a professional agent. You’ll learn the details of what highly successful agents do and why they do it.


Here are just a few of the major points covered in the course:


1. Learn what people are saying—even when they aren’t saying a word.


2. Discover the four main temperament styles and how to effectively sell to them.


3. Acquire the ability to create raving fans who will help to explode your business.


As an added bonus, this class is qualified for ten hours of CE credit in TN.

Jump-start Your Real Estate Business


Are you making the money you want to make in real estate? If not, are you unsure of the changes that need to be made or don’t even know where to begin? Then this is the class for you! It was created and designed to help real estate agents, regardless of how long they’ve been in business, do the right things to get their businesses back on track. Stop struggling and get the tools you need to make your business profitable today! As an added bonus, this class is qualified for two hours of CE credit in TN.

How to Boost Your Income with a Simple Listing Presentation


Agents, are you getting in front of prospective sellers but losing the listings to other agents? Nearly every successful agent knows that more listings equals more leads and leads convert to more and more business. Help is finally here to get the business you’ve been dreaming about! This one-hour online class shares effective techniques, insider tips, time-saving tools, and scripts that actually work to win that listing. As an added bonus, this class is qualified for two hours of CE credit in TN.

COMING SOON: How to Unlock New Builder Business that Will lnsanely Explode Your Income Have you been dreaming about skyrocketing your business to the next level—or two? You’d love to up your listing inventory by getting builder business but have no idea as to how and where to begin? This insightful class gives you all the details you need to master this area of the industry. With this one-hour online course, you’ll learn insider secrets like how builders think, what they are looking for in an agent, how to stand out as the go-to agent for builders, and how to speak their language. This course is designed and presented by an agent who has earned over 35 sales awards while working as a sales agent for national home builders.

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