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Attend a CE class that covers real-world details to help

grow your business.



Order informative classes that can be mailed to you or

are downloadable.



We come to you to deliver

sales training for your

entire company.




  "I'm a relatively new real estate agent. In order to get up to speed as fast as I could, I wanted to find some CE

classes that would help me build my business on a firm foundation.

Michelle Moore offered exactly what I was looking for. Her dynamic personality and real-world experience allowed me to learn insider secrets

  in an enjoyable, friendly setting."


Michelle Hsu, CNE, Realtor®

 Licensed since 2017



  "I get something from Michelle's classes I don't get anywhere else - specifics! Ideas I can put to use  immediately. While other instructors stick to an overview of a topic, she shares the specifics of things that she's actually done which leads to best practices for me and my business.

Now that's invaluable!"


—Kelly Kormos, Realtor®

Licensed since 2013

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